Problem Statement

The wallet project aims to make a new solution that is useful and meaningful to users. Shoppers have accumulated multiple memberships to their go-to brands and shops. My goal in the project is to reduce the size of physical wallets, allowing users to travel with less cards. 

Users need a way to use their memberships easily and quickly. 


GoCard is the application to consolidate multiple cards that users frequently use. The app's vision is to bring users the right offers and discounts for their daily needs.


Feature A (Essential/High Impact): Camera, Barcode scan, User Profile, Help Guide, Language, Country, Password

Feature B (Good to Have): Promotion, Social Media Account, Fingerprint Security, Face ID, NFC

Feature C (Extra): Promotion Notifications, On-boarding Screens, User Avatar

Case Study

Field: Digital wallet, commerce, personal organization

Date: Jan 2018

Using Format