Push Your Limits

Bii Maybank is to hold a marathon in Bali, Indonesia. The strategic team have come up with the campaign of Push Your Limits. Marathon runners strive to improve their endurance and go as far as they can go. The spirit of the campaign is winning by Pushing your own limits. Winning is more than competing with other runners, it is about giving one's very best. Finishing the race is a personal momentum for each runner and this personal drive is what inspired the design identity. Like rapid heartbeats and strong inner beliefs, the graphics feature edgy and speedy lines. A runner in the winning pose reaches out as he completes his journey. The medal features an emboss of Bali's scenic route that also works as a keepsake.

Art Direction: Dave Holland

Logo Design: Stefanus Alvie

Designer: Shierly Dewi

Strategist: Mario Khoe

Bii Maybank

The Jakarta Post

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