Problem Statement

The chosen topic for the circuit course focuses on how to improve the customer experience for Airasia's current website. The airline chosen is one my family frequently use.

User Findings

The research shows users prefer to reduce the number of steps taken to complete booking process. Factors such as failed requests, filling in long forms and popups have hindered users from completing a booking.


Facilitated usability testing to improve the efficiency of the pages. Features of flight bookings have been consolidated to single page e.g. clickable add ons for flight bookings allow users to quickly decide. Further more users are directed by interaction to only highlight the correct choice. To keep it simple, the design reduce the number of options and automating steps such as user profiles.

Case Study

Field: E-commerce, Travelling, Modern Commute

Course: UX Design Circuit  - GA

Date: Nov - Dec 2017

Research In-Depth: Google Drive

Using Format